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Cards WordPress Theme

Cards is a WordPress Theme created around the card as a design element, and organized around color coded categories.


Cards as Design

Our upcoming WordPress Theme is called Cards for a reason.

The card is a tested and tried design element, making each piece of content stand out and have an identity of its own.

The entire idea for this theme started with me experimenting around with designing a card in Photoshop, and from there it grew to a full blown blog or newspaper theme with color coded categories and a clean blocky modern design.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cards WordPress Theme Design

Color Coded Categories

Cards utilizes a pair of category colors that you set when creating a new category to clearly distinguish each category from the other.

You have probably seen it in use. Red for sports, green for nature, and blue for aviation. You pick your colors to make sure the user instinctively knows what category they’re in, and where to find more content in their area of interest.

Color Coded Categories in Cards WordPress Theme

Designed With Mobile in Mind

Most internet traffic is coming through mobile, so knowing this, we designed the Cards WordPress Theme to fit perfectly into whatever device a user may put it into. This is called responsive design, and is the industry standard since many years now.

Cards WordPress Theme is Designed Mobile First and Responsive