Creating a Category: Get Your Colors On

The color codes are the core of the theme. We help you get started the right way, in order to make it smooth all the way into the future.

We recommend you to plan your categories before you set up your site.

Not because it is hard to change category names, colors, or add new ones down the road. Rather because it helps you narrow down what you are going to write about, and how you are going to sort everything in the future.

Recategorizing posts down the road can be a large bit of manual labour—especially if you have been producing content like crazy. Not impossible, but it’s better if it is avoided by careful planning.

But let’s get down to business, shall we?

When you create a new category, you will see a preview of the category colors. You will have to pick colors, otherwise it will not look good.

Here’s a link to some good color combinations if you want help:

The look and feel of your site will very much be derived from the colors you select. A bright and playful scheme gives a whole different feel than a muted selection.

So choose wisely.

On to the next part.

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