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Let us take you on a journey through the Cards WordPress Theme, starting with exposing the the initial idea, and then going through all the opportunities you have within the theme.

The initiation of an idea

As with most of our WordPress Themes, both finished and in the making, the Cards design grew from one single idea.


That should be pretty clear from the name. And now that you have seen the theme, you have probably noticed that every post is served to you on a neat little colored card.

The idea is not new in itself, but after experiencing a lot with cards on another site, I decided to take the idea to the next level, and build an entire theme around cards.

After arriving at a satisfying card design in Photoshop, I figured that they look way better featuring two distinct colors. And from there grew the color coded category idea.

Color coded categories

Color coded categories is neither a new idea, but we wanted to bring that classic approach, used by newspaper since forever, to our delicious cards theme.

The foundational idea for this kind of theme, is that every single post is put in an appropriate category, and each category is given a primary and secondary color. This makes the user super aware of where they are, and where to click for more content in the same category.

This has allowed newspapers for ages to clarify that you are now on the sports pages, or international news, or local news. In short, it is a time tested and tried solution.

So let us move on.

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