Gutenberg Blocks and Shortcodes

Launching Gutenberg, the new content editor, WordPress ups its game severely. We have of course made sure that all the default Gutenberg Blocks are fully supported, and look amazing in the Cards theme.

Gutenberg splits all the content up in blocks. So you can easily drop in a blockquote, an entire gallery, an image, a list of the latest comments, a button, and much more.

It feels really smooth.

Let us just slip you right into a gorgeous collection of images, grabbed from for free. It is not much work, I simply dropped six images into a default Gutenberg gallery block.

There are a bunch of default Gutenberg Blocks that all are styled according to the Cards Theme. So go ahead and use Gutenberg to its full extent.

The Lead & Note Plugin

We also made our own Gutenberg plugin to add our two most used typographical tools that we feel WordPress lacks. The lead and note.

Lead for introductions. A little bigger and italic. Used to ease people into the article with a short summary of the text. A traditional newspaper asset.

And note for things related to the article, but not in the flow. For example:

P.S. we also have the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme, if you’re looking for something more classic.

We are using the same plugin for all our themes, so you’ll have to install it yourself if you want those two additional blocks.

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