The Red Hand Knit Beanie Takes over the World

Building on its old Norwegian heritage — knitting to keep the families warm through the cold Scandinavian winters — Red Hat Factory brings hand knit caps to a worldwide market. Handmade in the old way, stitch by stitch with knitting needles.

The hand knit caps are marked by an attention to details, and backed by a lifetime guarantee for stitches coming loose or snapping from wear and tear. It is a product that will last you a long long time.

It is a family business, idea first pitched by Benjamin Andersen to his mother. Her skills in hand knitting, which she has learned from her mother, combined with Benjamin’s experience in marketing and web development, laid a foundation to build a brand together. Now the ball is rolling, and the products are being shipped around the world.

The wool for the caps are processed at a Norwegian West Coast based mill, with wool carefully selected from South America — mostly Uruguay — for its optimal texture. 80% wool for all the benefits of the natural substance, and 20% nylon to strengthen it and allow it to be a bit thinner.

“Growing up, I always wore handcrafted, woolen wearables, and did not at all realize the value of such gifts—until I grew old enough to understand that my mother is in possession of a legendary crafting skill, passed from generation to generation. Red Hat Factory emerged out of this realization.”

Benjamin, co-founder of Red Hat Factory

If the caps interest you, you may go visit, and have a closer look at the products or place an order.

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